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G.I.S.E.R. Investigations Crew - 2! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 3 3 G.I.S.E.R. Investigations Crew! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 7 8 Spider-Man and The Wasp kiss! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 6 5
Terra's Captivity!
Howdy. This is a one-shot Teen Titans story where Terra get's captured by Mad Mod. I'm doing this per request by my friend: KaijuBoy455 and he allowed me to do so. I'm gonna make this short, and not long. Now, let's get to it.
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans in any way. All rights go to DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation.
Terra had woken up due to her being unconscious, she was strapped down to a chair when she stirred. She grunted and strained, but she could not get out.
"What happened?" she demanded. "Why am I strapped down to this chair and where the heck am I?!" It was then that a man dressed in a suit with the a flag-like pattern on his vest with red hair and glasses holding a cane standing in front of her.
"You're right where I want you, luv." he said with a British dialect. "You fell right into my trap."
Terra instantly recognized who it was. "I know you! You're Mad Mod!" she barked. "The Tit
:iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 4 13
Spider-Man And Wasp In nightime NYC! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 6 8
Mature content
Carrigan get's a new body! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 10 4
The Awesome Spider-Gwen/Arachnia! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 5 0 OC: Midnight Spider! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 3 9 Ultimate Spider-Man OC: Rapidity :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 5 5 Kid Tarantula! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 4 6 Danny Phntom OC - Virode! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 3 19 Nicktoons: DOTM - Alpha Team! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 4 5 Magenta Magician meets Hyper Girl! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 3 7
Hyper Girl: Bio!
Howdy there folks. I'm sure you're all wondering what I have been up to lately, so I'm here to give you the 411 on my newest OC. I am here to inform you all that I will be making a story of this new character pretty soon. But, I will need some help in making the story, so, if you want to throw in story lines, feel free to do so! My new OC is a female superhero who I have named Hyper Girl (which is a pretty common name). Her bio is right here, read well, and pay attention.
Real Name: Carly Beckett
Age: 20
Height: 5,12.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown (shoulder length)
Eyes: Icy Blue
Date Of Birth: February 16
Race: Human
Citizenship: American
Place Of Birth: Manhattan, New York
Martial Status: Single
Education: Graduated from Dimmsdale High School and now goes to Dimmsdale University
Occupations: Adventurer, Superhero, Self-Defense Teacher, Wrestling Team Captain
Known Relatives: Marcus Beckett (dad, chef), Elena Richards-Beckett (mom, security guard), Ava Beckett (aunt, s
:iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 1 0
OC: Hyper Girl! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 2 0 Kamen Rider Zero! :iconwolwatcher12:WOLWATCHER12 2 0


Wasp: Earth's Mightiest Heroes :iconinspector97:Inspector97 302 60 RID Optimus Prime :iconmucun:mucun 274 21 Okami Rogue :iconmrryder:MrRyder 1 1 Commission: Graveyard :iconmanu-chann:manu-chann 114 46 Poses -H- :iconasteltainn:Asteltainn 932 17 Cast Shot 7 :iconaurahero7:AuraHero7 3 1 Wasp :iconvindications:vindications 139 25 Mei casual portrait :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,737 364 Wasp (Janet Pym) :icondarkknight257:DarkKnight257 16 6 The Wasp - Janet Van Dyne design :iconbobbyd226:BobbyD226 4 2 EG/Transformers: Sunset and Rodimus :iconedcom02:edCOM02 68 8 Team Pym :iconshorterazer:shorterazer 36 7 Pose -F- :iconasteltainn:Asteltainn 3,111 80 Cooper Vs Fox :iconshadeink:Shadeink 29 3 Young Justice OC Roland O'Hara :iconfreakanime780:freaKANIME780 49 7 Danger Girl Cosplay 3 :iconmeagan-marie:Meagan-Marie 101 13



G.I.S.E.R. Investigations Crew - 2!
This is the second version of my crew from my upcoming story: G.I.S.E.R. Investigations. I know this is a bit sloppy, but I will keep working on a much better version to make for you all. But, until I do so, please keep posted.

Please tell me what you think of it in the comment below.
Hello there. I need help naming some superheros who will join the Global Investigation Specialists & Exploration Response (G.I.S.E.R.) team I created. They go around solving mysteries, whether it's theft, murder, supernatural or some other thing.
The leader of the G.I.S.E.R. Investigations group is Josh Andrews/Indigo Demon, his backstory is similar to Sly Cooper, only he's not a thief, he's a crime-fighter. His big brother Marcus is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who appears in my Ultimate Spider-Man/Avengers Assemble story: What A Strange Web We Weave, under the disguise of Harvey, the servant of Mysterio and Carnage (Cletus Kassidy).
His team consists of OC's made by me. I just need some hero names.
Speedster: Bianca Flynn/Rapidity (inspired by Jessie Chambers/Jessie Quick and Barry Allen/The Flash)
Brains: Carlos Parks (a male OC inspired by Leo Dooley from Lab Rats mixed with Miles Morales)
Elemental: Dana Stratus (a female OC whose powers and outfit are inspired by Crystal from the Inhumans)
Stealth: Jordan Myers (a male OC inspired by Nightwing and Alex Mann/Action Man)
Brawn: Gwen Myers (a female OC whose powers and are inspired by Caitlin Fairchild from Gen 13 and JC from the Danger Girl video game, outfit inspired by Sersi's 1990's outfit and sister of stealth OC)
Gamer: Zack Fawcett/Outreach(a male OC inspired by Zack from cartoon Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?)
Pet: Hunter (golden retriever and Josh's dog)
Chef: Leo Parks (a male OC inspired by Wasabi from Big Hero 6 and father of Carlos)
Base: G.I.S.E.R. Investigations house/Josh Andrews' house, Denver, Colorado.
Chief Jackson Barth (male OC inspired by Roy Montgomery from ABC's Castle)
Interpol Detective Jennifer Carolyn "JC" Sheridan (female OC inspired Chun-Li from Street Fighter and Kate Beckett from ABC's Castle)
Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp
Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl
Ava Ayala/White Tiger
Luke Cage/Power Man
Miles Morales/Kid Arachnid
Danny Rand/Iron Fist
Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk
Kaitlyn Rogers/The Astonishing Arachnid
Bobby Drake/Iceman
Angelica Jones/Firestar
Katherine 'Kitty' Pryde/Shadowcat
May Parker
Mary Jane Watson/Spider-Woman
Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider
Dante Pertuz/Inferno
Marcus Andrews (Josh's big brother)
Nick Fury
Phil Coulson
Melinda May
Lance Hunter
Barbara 'Bobbi' Morse/Mockingbird
Alphonso 'Mack' Mackenzie
Daisy 'Skye' Johnson/Quake
Dr. Lincoln Campbell/Sparkplug
Flash Thompson/Agent Venom
Amadeus Cho/Iron Spider
Rio Morales
Maria Hill
Debra Whittman
Dr. Curt Connors
Martha Connors
Billy Connors
Simon Williams/Wonder Man
Richard Castle
Detective Katherine 'Kate' Beckett
Javier 'Javi' Esposito
Kevin Ryan
M.E. Laine Parish
Capt. Roy Montgomery
Dane Whitman/The Black Knight
Scott Lang/Ant-Man
Sam Wilson III/Falcon
Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Laura Barton
Lila Barton
Coop Barton
Nathaniel Barton
Cassie Lang
Matt Murdoch/Daredevil
Elektra Natchios
Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
Tony Stark/Iron Man
Thor Odinson
Bruce Banner/Hulk
Steve Rogers/Captain America
Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange
Jack Russle/Werewolf By Night
N'Kantu The Living Mummy
Frankenstien's Monster
Dr. Theodore 'Ted' Sallis/Man-Thing
Eric Brooks/Blade
James Logan Howlett/Wolverine
Remy LeBeau/Gambit
Anna Marie/Rogue
Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast
Ororo Monroe/Storm
Prof. Charles Xavier/Professor X
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
Scott Summers/Cyclops
Alex Summers/Havok
Norin Radd/Silver Surfer
Peter Quill/Star-Lord
Rocket Raccoon
Drax The Destroyer
Adam Warlock
Robbie Baldwin/Speedball
Greg Willis/Gravity
Maya Lopez/Echo
Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider
The Frightening Five:
Leader: (a male psychopath OC inspired by Clockwerk from Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus mixed with Carnage from Spider-Man)
Brains: (an OC inspired by Sir Raleigh)
Brawn: (an OC inspired by Muggshot)
Mystic: (an OC inspired by Mz. Ruby)
Pyromaniac: (an OC inspired by the Panda King)
Other Villains: made by you.

I'll need some help making more allies and enemies for this story.
But, until then, be expecting G.I.S.E.R. Investigations coming soon.
See ya!


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Age: 23
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
I have High level Autism, and am wanting to be a cartoonist some day in the future.


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Here are your winners......and..........NEW RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS..............THE HARDYZ!!!!!!!
WOLWATCHER12 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
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